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Are you interested in making your own hatelisting? Do you have a particular idea in mind? Head on over to the rules, and then browse through the hatelistings to get an idea of what's already here!

Info is designed to work in all browsers and resolutions, but if you experience any problems, please let us know.

A "hate"listing is the exact opposite of a fanlisting- it's a site/listing for all of those who hate a particular person, place or thing.
The purpose of this site is to be a hub of all of the hatelistings out there.

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When you are actually creating your hatelisting, you may have some questions concerning what should/shouldn't go on your hatelisting, what should go where, etc. The following guidelines are here to help you. Please note that these are detailed requirements - things that must go into your hatelisting.
  1. Include a link to provides a service - we link your hatelisting so you can get exposure. Now it's your turn to return the favor - give exposure!

  2. Your hatelisting must be in English!
    You're welcome to build your hatelistings in as many languages as you'd like, but please make sure there is an English version.

  3. Describe your hatelisting.
    You don't have to write a novel-length about page, but a basic description of what your hatelisting is about suffices.

  4. Do not discriminate against members!
    The only requirements for a member to join is that they must provide their name and country. You cannot discriminate on the basis of a website (or lack of), gender, race, religion, country of origin, etc., but you are free to list as much other information as you want.

  5. Keep members up to date.
    While you don't have to update every single day, you should update at least once a month - removing dead member links, adding new submissions, etc. Put a "last updated" notation somewhere on your main hatelisting page (splash or main page). After all, people want to join active and current sites - how will they know it's current if there's no date notating when the site was last updated?

  6. List your members. You can update manually, or use a handy script such as phpFanBase to do the member adding for you. The plus side of using this php script is that you can paste a small bit of code on your main page that will churn out your site last update automatically.