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Are you interested in making your own hatelisting? Do you have a particular idea in mind? Head on over to the rules, and then browse through the hatelistings to get an idea of what's already here!

Info is designed to work in all browsers and resolutions, but if you experience any problems, please let us know.

A "hate"listing is the exact opposite of a fanlisting- it's a site/listing for all of those who hate a particular person, place or thing.
The purpose of this site is to be a hub of all of the hatelistings out there.

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The rules are fairly simple and straight forward, but just the same - follow them.
  1. Only one of each hatelisting will be accepted.
    This means that there will only be one hatelisting per subject - please check both the upcoming and current sections to make sure that the hatelisting you're applying for isn't already taken!

  2. Submit your real name.
    Please do not send in submissions featuring nicknames. Real names only.

  3. You have four weeks to create your hatelisting once you receive approval.
    It should not take more than a month to complete your hatelisting. However, if for some reason you require an extension, please contact to get an extension. Otherwise, you risk losing your hatelisting to someone else. Please note that extensions are only available for valid reasons - school, family, loss of internet service, etc.

  4. Keep your information updated.
    Keep your name, email and URL current for each hatelisting. Notify THL using the modify form if any of your information changes.

  5. You must have HTML & graphic knowledge.
    This is why it is required to submit your URL when applying for a fanlisting. I am not looking for professional skills, but something decent that is legible and working in all browsers is a neccessity. Please note that community sites such as Yahoo groups & MSN groups do not count as proof of your skills, and hatelistings cannot be hosted on such sites. All other sites, including free servers, are okay.

  6. Your hatelisting must provide a link back to THL.
    You are more than welcome to use a graphic, but a text line is fine too! The link must be on the main page of your hatelisting - be proud to be a part of!

  7. Staff make the final decision.
    While the staff is as unbiased as possible, ridiculous and inappropriate hatelisting submissions will not be accepted. Please note that at this time there will be no acceptances of hatelistings against websites or webmasters.

Submission Rules
While these may seem a bit ridiculous, strives to keep neatly organized categories of hatelistings. Please take the time to read these submission rules and remember them. Any submission that breaks any of these rules will be automatically rejected. Thank you for doing your part to ensure that remains neatly organized!
  1. Please use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Capitalize the first letter of the first word in the subject. Only capitalize other letters if the word is a person, city, etc. Know the difference between two, to, too, and so forth. Remember quotes and commas.

  2. Do not add extra words and phrases to your submission. For example, "Wool" is an acceptable subject name. "Wool - scratchy nasty stuff!" is not. Keep subjects brief and to the point.

  3. Submit albums in the following format:
    [name of artist(s)] - [name of album]
    Obviously, exclude the brackets.

  4. Submit book, TV and movie characters in the following format:
    [name of TV, book or movie character here] ([TV, book or movie character is from here])
    Obviously, exclude the brackets.

  5. Submit relationships in the following format:
    [name here] & [name here] (book/tv/movie couple is from)
    Obviously, exclude the brackets.

  6. Submit songs in the following format:
    [artist's name here] - [song title here]
    Obviously, exclude the brackets.

  7. Submit TV, radio or stage personalities in the following format:
    [name of personality here] ([name of tv, radio or stage personality is from])
    Obviously, exclude the brackets.